The Power of the Witch:Magickal Healing for Mind, Body & Spirit

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Ready to bring some magick into your 2020? Embark on this new (or well-worn) journey with the Pagan Experience Studies – The Temple of Light. This year’s focus is on the power of the Witch to transform, heal, weave magick and affect change in what will be a challenging year at all levels.

The focus of coursework is on you. Shorter class series that are formatted to provide opportunity to share what you know, learn something new and strengthen the foundations of a balanced and effective magickal practice.

We kick off the year with two courses that will give you what you need to strengthen and build sustainable foundations for mundane and magickal endeavors. The Power of the Witch: Magickal Healing for Mind, Body and Spirit offers practical suggestions, experientials and tools to prime you for the year ahead. And, our Winter intensive- The Witch’s Pyramid and the Astrological Wheel.

This course will explore the tools and techniques that are supportive of keeping you healthy and strong on your Path. The work of the Witch is one that can be physically and mentally draining if attention is not given to restoration, renewal and self-care. Topics will include:

Energy management, healthy eating, physical exercise, stress reducers, the importance of the Endocrine System and more. Please bring a journal to be dedicated to your Magickal and Mundane Self-Care.

FEE: $45.
January 7-14-21-28

Please Note:

All courses are designed to act as in depth introductions for those new to the path and varied perspective and insights for those more experienced. Check out and like our Coven of the Mystic Path FB page over the next weeks for event pages with details and registration info for each of the courses in this 2020 series. Questions? hpsmysticpath@yahoo.

Too far away? Not enough time? Too much to do? You can access all (and more) of these courses at Teachings on the Path. Register online and join us remotely at your convenience. Live audio and handouts are uploaded each week to a password-protected site, and I am available for questions as you move through each class. Many are already taking advantage of this option and it has proven beneficial for those who may need to miss a week here or there to be able to catch up and stay engaged.

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