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Tarot Card Art Is a Visual Timeline of Cultural Mysticism | 34th Street Magazine

In tarot, interpretation derives from the visual symbolism, from the number of yellow drops underneath The Moon card in the 18th century to the fishnet and sneakers in The Hanged One of Lisa Sterel’s 2020 deck, The Modern Witch. Surprisingly, this intricate artistic system of analysis didn’t originate with mystical intention, but with simply the drawings on playing cards. Read more: Tarot...

Four Elements of the Wise: Working with the Magickal Powers of Earth, Air, Water, Fire: Dominguez, Ivo, Weber, Courtney


An in-depth exploration of the Elements, their lore, history, correspondences, and use in spellwork and ritual.
The four elements are the pillars that uphold the manifest world and anchor spirit to matter. They are associated with a wide range of spiritual entities, from small elementals to divine beings.

Available in stores and online May 31st.