Further, since sex is somehow seen as less than good, we also miss out on it as an access to spirituality. Spirituality awakens when we come in contact with the limits of human existence. The main categories of this are Life, Death, Birth, Food, Cosmology, Ethics, and of course, Sex. When we suppress thinking about sex in a positive light we can not enter the spiritual through that door. But if we see sex as one of the entry ways into depth spirituality, we begin to develop images and metaphors of divinity and divine action, of spirituality, that involve paired sexual union. (Generally paired, though the number is not that important, nor are the genders.) Thus the next task of the sex-and-spirit discussion is to enable aspirant to approach the mystery of Sex in life.

by Sam Webster ©1996, via The Bones of Sex and Spirit (via tet-asw)



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