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Fire Cider is a tonic that is traditionally made in the fall season, most notably used as a cold & flu preventative. It’s an old folk medicine, a digestive tonic, aiding in proper digestion and to promote circulation. This vinegar based infusion gets its name from it’s wild combination of ingredients that includes ginger, horseradish, jalapenos balanced with lemons, rosemary, turmeric and honey. This is a great time of year to gather the spicy roots, fruit and hardy herbs for this preparation so you can use them throughout the winter and spring. Makes a great gift too!

Everyone will get hands-on preparing the ingredients while our instructor, Nichole Gerding will discuss the simplicity and benefits of vinegar infusions and variations for your herbal medicine cabinet. You’ll make a quart of fire cider to take home along with the recipe.

(Via Fire Cider Workshop | Greensgrow : Greensgrow)



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