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What I propose is that we shift from a passive to an active relationship with belief.  To be clear, I’m speaking of belief in its context of the state of our psyche.  I’m not using the term belief or beliefs in its usage as a container for dogma in this situation.  When we suspend disbelief in reading a novel or watching a movie it is for the most part a passive action. What does it look like when it is active? The writer must believe in the world that pours out through their words. The witch must believe in the power of the ritual that they enact. I am suggesting that you consciously incorporate chosen belief into your spiritual, religious, and magical practice. This is what I mean my chosen belief:

The extension of the practice of the willing suspension of disbelief to the willing acceptance and empowerment of beliefs as a set of virtual truths for a given span of experience.

(via Chosen Belief – paganSquare)



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