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Wendy Rule – Persephone workshop in Delaware


PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will occur in the afternoon, before Wendy and Ivo’s Midsummer ritual and concert, and at the same location.

Join Visionary Songstress Wendy Rule as she explores the central themes of one of Western Cultures most important myths – the Ancient Greek story of the descent into the Underworld of the maiden goddess Persephone, and the subsequent grief of her mother Demeter, the goddess of the grain. Wendy will use songs from her current project ‘Persephone’ (new album to be released in October, 2018), as well as stories from her ongoing travels to the myth’s sacred sites in Greece to unveil some of the most vital aspects of this complex and transformative myth. Combining ritual, music, meditation, discussion and story, Wendy’s workshops are powerful and joyful experiences that deepen our understanding of Myth, Magic and The Goddess.

Source: Wendy Rule – Persephone workshop in Delaware



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