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The Seven Sanctuaries Of The Mystical Path
Public · By The New Alexandrian Library
    Monday, September 9, 2013
    7:00pm until 9:00pm

    Georgetown, Delaware 19947
The Seven Sanctuaries Of The Mystical Path

September 9, 2013 • Gather at 7:00 pm, Starts 7:30 pm sharp at Seelie Court, Herne’s Hollow

15796 Enchanted Way
Georgetown, DE 19947

$20 Donation Towards The New Alexandrian Library

© 2013. D. Ashcroft-Nowicki

Not everyone chooses to walk the Path of Ceremonial Magic. For some it is the quieter, less known Path of the Mystical Way.

First we need to define the word Mystic. It is a word sometimes used to describe people like you and me, people who are trying to the understand world around us in a spiritual sense. But those who describe us that way misuse the true meaning of the word. Very few people are true mystics, but occultists, magicians, spiritualists, Seers, psychics of all kinds and in varying degrees of ability get lumped together.

In ancient times and right up to the early nineteenth century mystics could be found and they have, as they have always done, changed the thoughts and ideas of the world, quietly and without disclosing themselves for the most part.

From the prophets and hermits of the bible to Francis of Assisi, St John of the Cross , Teresa of Avila and Hildegard of Bingen and on to Swedenborg, Blake, Nicholas Roerich and Alexandra David Neel there have been and will always be those who seek spiritual knowledge and comfort within their own inner being.

Like the ancient hermits the true mystic is a solitary soul, but in todays world even they have had to change and adapt their quest for enlightenment with the demands of the modern world. But there are levels of mysticism that can be achieved in spite of the increasingly noisy and intrusive world we live in. It is this Middle Way I want to talk about tonight.

Time is precious in this world of ours and we tend to waste a lot of it. Time is or can be spiritual coinage. We just need to spend it wisely and by adjusting what we do and how we do it a great deal can be achieved.

I am not a mystic… but I know many who are and over the last 40 years I have tried to mix and match my own kind of spirituality and belief system with that of the more intense and often withdrawn mystical way. Finally I worked out a system of levels that I call Sanctuaries and named them in the following way.

First Level: The Sanctuary of Silence.
Second level: The Sanctuary of Solitude.
Third Level: The Sanctuary of Contemplation
Fourth Level: The Sanctuary of Self Awareness.
Fifth Level: The Sanctuary of Darkness.
Sixth Level: The Sanctuary of Dreams.
Seventh Level: The Sanctuary of Faith.

In this lecture we will explore the inner contemplative power that can be obtained in the use of these Sanctuaries.

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