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Jupiter Prosperity Lightning Glyphs by Jason Miller
Public · By Order of the World Tree – Assembly of the Sacred Wheel
    Sunday, June 23, 2013
    1:00pm until 6:00pm

June 23rd 1pm-6pm Hilton Garden Inn, 70 Challenger Rd, Ridgefield Park NJ
$45 Register to Craig [email protected] (201)887-7029

In his new book ” Financial Sorcery”, Jason Miller released a seried of Lightning Glyphs that were received as a gift from the God Jupiter. This all-day intensive will use the glyphs to illustrate the most important points of Financial Sorcery in general, and the ways in which the glyphs can be worked into your practice. Some financial strategies that were too extreme for the book will be covered in this course. The class will end with a ritual aimed at securing the blessings of Jupiter for all in attendance.

Jason Miller (Inominandum) has devoted the last 23 years of his life to traveling the globe and studying practical magic in its many forms. He is the author of Protection and Reversal Magick, The Sorcerer’s Secrets, and Financial Sorcery. He also runs the Strategic Sorcery Training Course and Strategic Sorcery Blog. He lives with his wife and children in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, where he practices and teaches magick. More information can be found at

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