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Cornerstones of Magick is a monthly column I will be writing that will offer suggestions about connecting with the Sabbats/Esbats and useful information for practical application of the many resources we use for magickal practice such as astrology, qabalah, energetic anatomy, pathworking and more.  Revisiting some of the tried and true basics and opening to some of the new overlays are actions that continue to build stronger and broader foundations as we move forward along the path.  We are in an exciting time now with the technological capabilities for networking and research and a plethora of books, articles and events that are available for the taking.  On the flip side of this open smorgasbord is also the warning to carefully scrutinize what you believe and use as fact and take nothing simply at face value. Select what you need, chew on it for a while, digest it and then let it nourish in a productive and vibrant way. 

(Full article at: Capital Witch: Introducing: Cornerstones of Magick)



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