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Back in the late eighties early nineties, I belonged to a Dianic coven called Twisted Sisters.  When we held rituals outside, we usually went into Carpenter’s Woods, located in the West Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia.  Everyone at the time knew there were witches in Mt. Airy, and I’m sure we weren’t the only ones working in Carpenter’s Woods. Our High Priestess, had already worked there for years, and previously worked with another coven that actually buried a cauldron in the woods and used it for their workings.  Thatcoven was gone by the time Istartedworking down there, but the cauldron remained, and we made good use of it. I liked the continuity of that magical tool being used and the magick that was being shared. I also kinda grooved on the fact that I was one of the “infamous” Mt. Airy Witches.

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