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The Centre for Pagan Studies is heading the project to get commemorative blue plaques placed where people who have shaped pagan history have lived, or worked. These are landmark events, and really wonderful in terms of promoting tolerance and raising awareness of how important the trailblazers of the past are, and also their relevance today, and how important it is to keep alive the work that they have done and to continue with it.

Exciting news! The first Blue Plaque is the Doreen Valiente Plaque. We have been working on this for a number of years with Brighton and Hove City Council and we are pleased to announce that Doreen’s Plaque will be going on the wall at the apartments where she lived for 30 years and the location where she did most of her seminal writing. The event will take place on the Summer solstice this year – i.e. 21st June 2013. We are having to pay for the commemorative plaque ourselves so we need your help to raise 1200 pounds. This is to cover 750 pounds manufacturing cost and the remainder is for the installation. Time is short so please donate to this great cause. This will be a number of firsts. The plaque as afar as we can find out will be the first council apartment block. It certainly will be the first plaque that celebrates the life of one of our own. There are plaques commemorating the wrong doings, but this is the first to honor a witch. It would be great if you entered into the spirit of the event for an event it will be. With speeches and a surprise guest to unveil the plaque, We will be organising some entertainment on the steps of where Doreen lived and for anyone or any person or organisation that donates 100 pounds or more. They will be invited into the residents lounge that Doreen knew well where a special VIP buffet lunch will be put on. There will be 2 other plaques in the future that we have negotiated for. One for Gerald in 2014 and one for Alex Sanders in 2015. This is a unique event with the full backing of Brighton and Hove City Council. There will be more to come so stay tuned to the web site for further details and times. Whether you decide to contribute or not we do hope that you will comes along and support this fantastic achievement. We want hundreds of people there to support Doreen.

(via Doreen Valiente 1922-1999 | The Doreen Valiente Official Site)



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