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The Four Powers of the Sphinx, Magus, or Witch are often summarized as the powerto knowto willto dare and to be silent. The first reference to these that I am aware of is in Eliphas Levi’s writings with later on Aleister Crowley added the fifth power to go (ire). This pattern, sometimes also referred to as the Witches’ Pyramid is fairly well known in many Pagan and magickal systems. Silence usually is the least developed and least explored power. Silence, I should point out, is also the element of earth and manifestation. I intentionally follow this pattern in my process of innovation. I will gloss over the stages of development related to knowing, willing, and daring, and pause in silence. I suspect it is easier for you to imagine the more active powers. When I’m trying something new it may take days, weeks, months, or in a few cases years before I move past the silence and go back to the beginning by sharing it. 

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