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Walking this path is a task that requires constant adjustment; each step is falling and catching ourselves while trying to reach a destination.  To be a warrior is to live balanced on the knife edge of free will and karma.  Each action or inaction results in consequences that ultimately make up an individual’s destiny and their legacy.  The warrior lives by an ethic based in personal honor which means they must live as if they were free. Pause and read that again. We are not actually free but we must live as if we were, if we are ever to achieve more freedom. We are all burdened by the yoke of oppressions, some internal and some external, and all partly known and partly hidden from our awareness.  By living true to their inner self, the Queer warrior shows what might be possible to those that are still wearing the yokes that pull the wagon of oppression.

(via Warrior & Queer – paganSquare)



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