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This year in particular brought together an amazing cluster of talented, insightful and eager to learn participants. The conversations I had with many became learning and sharing exchanges as each respected the other’s viewpoint and offered up their own particular insights and strengths. This energy expanded as the days progressed and I feel that none who attended will see the world in quite the same way again. New friendships were forged and those existing were deepened in the sharing of very profound work. The final day came much too soon and although you could see the exhaustion on many faces, you could see the radiance as well. 

We are fortunate to have passionate, caring and committed people within our community. We are blessed to have those of varied paths who willingly offer up their knowledge and expertise so that all may benefit from the broader cup of deep wisdom. And, we are fortunate to have available to all who walk a magickal path and work towards re-enchanting the world, the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel to organize at the mundane level so all may soar at the spiritual. 

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