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You may have heard of theGreat Pacific Garbage Patch, but you don’t have to worry about that here in Philly. Right?

Nonprofit 5 Gyres rolled into town Monday to share their findings of sailing around the world on a plastic pollution studies mission. And the results were shocking.

The 5 Gyres Last Straw Plastic Pollution Solutions Bike Tour kicked off in Boston on October 2nd. They did a riverside cleanup at the Camden Waterfront during the day, picking up 295 LBS of trash! Regardless of their cleanups and biking hundreds of miles in the past few weeks, their presentation at Underground Arts was completely energized. Each team member brought their unique including amazing photos, fascinating videos and real-life “ocean” samples passed around the audience for a truly educational event.

(via Is there an “Atlantic” Version of “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”? 5 Gyres Tells All! – Green Philly Blog)



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