The deepest, truest magick I know is the power of self-determination.  Much more than the simple ability to make choices, there are additional layers and abilities that come from having a rooted sense of Self.  I teach a Mystery School and the very first magickal tool Blackfeather students start with is a mirror.  Establishing a strong connection to your true Self – your full, complete spirit – is vital to effecting desired change.

When all hell breaks loose in the world around us, responding to those influences in a meaningful, useful, coherent way requires us to be grounded in many ways.  We need to be rooted into the present moment, but we also need to be rooted into our Selves.

So, let’s get started. In my last blog, I talked about what to do with the frantic energy.  Responding to panic signals by doing something productive teaches our brains that we can respond to a crisis. It doesn’t matter that the response doesn’t immediately resolve the stimuli that caused you distress.  What matters is that you responded. If you haven’t siphoned off some of the ‘ohfuckohfuckohfuck’ vibes yet, do that before going further.

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