High Winds and Dark Waters ~ Witcheries for Dark Times, Part 1 of 3 – Glasse Witch Cottage

I have nightmares about the ocean.  They never start off scary.  In my dreams, I am excited to go to the beach.  It’s often the same seaside town I visit in my slumbering journey: a rather New England-looking village that slopes down a hill toward the shore. Cheerful buildings, boardwalk, winding sidewalks and narrow roads, bright sunlight on a sparkling sea.  People out walking, riding bikes, visiting shops. I stand at the top of a hill looking down at this idyllic scene, apprecia

Program Selections | Sacred Space / Between the Worlds Joint Conference

Here’s a link to some selections from the programs for the upcoming Sacred Space / Between the Worlds Joint Conference. More to come!

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Sacred Space – Between The Worlds Conference • Ivo Dominguez Jr (@ivodominguezjr) • Instagram photos and videos


Ivo Dominguez Jr on Twitter: “Getting excited about the Sacred Space – Between The Worlds joint conference.” / Twitter


Airmid, Frustration, and What To Do When Magick Fails – Glasse Witch Cottage

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding right now to be a deeply challenging time in which to live. As someone who is passionate about expanding social justice, equality, and equity for all, it sure feels like every attempt to make the world a better place is being flagrantly, callously, and sometimes even gleefully […]

Ascendant: Modern Essays on Polytheism and Theology | John Beckett

Certainly Christianity has built its own theological tradition based on Christian foundational assumptions. That does not mean modern polytheists should consider the field off limits to us. Quite the contrary: if our religions are to grow and thrive, they need a strong theological component. But so far we haven’t produced much in the way of […]

The Authentic & Actual Community Experience | Laura Tempest Zakroff

SO MANY BEAUTIFUL BEINGS! I smile every time I see these faces. Ivo Dominguez, Jr & Herne’s Hollow Folks at the Alombrados OTO in New Orleans. There are some really great folks out there.  Not just some, a LOT.  Really. If your main exposure to “community” in terms of Witchcraft/Paganism is only through the Internet, […]

Review: Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans If this is the very first book of Astrology you pick up, you can consider yourself lucky indeed. Seriously, if you’ve been avoiding Astrology the same way you avoided calculus (like the plague) this may be the book for you! Read more: Review: Practical Astrology for Witches and […]