SUNPRANCE   An analemma is that figure-8 curve that you get when you mark the position of the Sun at the same time each day throughout planet Earth’s year. In this case, 17 individual images taken between April 2 and September 16 follow half the analemma curve, looking east toward the rising sun and the Caspian sea from the boardwalk in the port city of Baku, Azerbaijan. And a bonus: the small black dot on the Sun’s disk near the top of the frame is a cameo by Venus, during the planet’s transit on June 6. (Photo: Tunç Tezel / TWAN via NASA APOD)

A hilarious adaptation of Aristophanes’s classic battle of the sexes. The women of Greece withhold sex from their men until they agree to stop warring! A timeless statement about men, women, war and love! Adapted by Robert Zaller, directed by Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod, and starring Lili Bita.


THE THEATRE COOPERATIVE, founded in 1975, presents original, adapted, and avant-garde works for the stage. It has participated with the Fringe Festival for the past fifteen years, most recently with its production of The Bacchae. NAKED FEET PRODUCTIONS is committed to creating original works and recreating old works which deconstruct our mythology, figuratively and literally. Recent credits include Women of Fire and Blood written & directed by Lili Bita; performed by Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod.

[Nothing shares old fashioned values like a classical play from an ancient pagan playwright. Opens tonight!]

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Agora is the ancient greek word for the gathering-place or marketplace that was also the center of political and spiritual life in a city. Pagan businesses and the activities that they help to foster, can act as our agora. Within our community the idea of thinking globally but acting locally is very popular. I know many pagans that go to great lengths to eat locally grown food, which is a good thing. Please extend the concept of acting locally to supporting your local pagan businesses. 

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“Sacred” is derived from Latinate roots that mean ‘to separate’ or ‘to cut off’. It refers especially to places or things that are made separate from common life and work, in order to be especially dedicated to the work of religion or magic or spirituality (as you like). The thing is, the essential point of ‘sacredness’ is its separation from the common. To use ‘sacred’ as a reference to unity is rather a contradiction in terms. To say that there is ‘No Unsacred Place’ – that everything is equally dedicated to the special work of religion, is essentially to say that nothing is, in fact, special. If nothing is unsacred, then nothing is sacred.

The closing ceremony of the 2012 Paralympics was the opening many modern pagans were hoping for. The lyrical phrases calling on the spirits of autumn, winter, spring and summer, and the declaration that “The circle is unbroken, the ancestors awoken,”were part of a Druid ritual written in 1997.  

Whether viewers realized it or not, they were encountering modern paganism. 

“We have something to say to the wider world,” says Jason Pitzl-Waters,  39,  “if we are invited to the table to have a conversation." 

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Shared experience and shared labor are two of the building blocks of authentic community that foster relationships and bonds that endure. I see people differently when I have experienced them in ritual. The memory of our voices joined in chanting connects me to them. The memory of weeding a labyrinth together and of moving wood together for a bonfire builds a sense of appreciation and gratitude for what we are to each other and what we are together. Cooking for each other as we camp at a festival and sharing stories during the meal makes me feel sure of who I am in the context of others. Unexpectedly running into friends or acquaintances at the local bookstore or coffee house expands my sense of being part of the web of relationships.  Seeing someone dance by the fire who I only knew before as words on a screen, transforms them an imagined personality to a real person.

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Just in case anybody here doesn’t know about Helena Aislin’s tarot blog.


Today’s card is not one of my favorites. Today’s card is the Eight of Sword – a card of feeling hemmed in, trapped, helpless. However awful the feeling this card gives one, however, it is also a reminder that often our limitations are of our own making, and in our own minds. This card is in fact here to remind us that we have more choices than we know, and that we must remove our own blinders to see them.


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  • Fort Washington State Park
  • Hosted by:

    Oak and Willow – Keepers of the Holly Chalice – Weavers of the Moonfire – Chalice of Living Stars – Tenders of the Earth Temple and Grail of the Birch Moon

    The Audience with the Ancestors ritual will be offered for the first time simultaneously in three locations- Southern at Georgetown, Delaware – Northern at Fort Washington , PA and Northern New Jersey in Bergen County. This ritual has been presented at Free Spirit Gathering and annually at Seelie Court since its first writing by our Elder,

     Ivo Dominguez, Jr. Its first use was at Samhain of 1985 by Keepers of the Holly Chalice, the first coven of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. 

    About the Ritual:

    For the duration of the ritual, the land is given over to the Mighty Dead and Ancestors and each participant has opportunity to personally reconnect and gain insight from their chosen ancestor. The Gates and space of this interaction are cast and warded by priestesses of the Tradition. This very moving and powerful ritual has been part of our Tradition’s community offerings and we are excited to be hosting this event in our Tri-State area. 

    Pre-Registration is required for this event.
    RSVP to: Robin or Jon at or

    What to bring: Ritual garb is recommended (not required)

    Suggested Donation is $15 to assist with the cost of space rental and ritual supplies

    PLEASE NOTE: This event will be held outdoors. Please dress appropriately and check this page in the event of an unfavorable weather forecast. Also note this is a State Park and therefore we are subject to the rules and regulations regarding alcoholic or other illegal substances brought into Park property.