My first inkling that the conscious perception of energy was not always necessary for effective workings actually came in a non-magickal setting. Years ago while in college, I was making the rounds with my artsy and avant-garde friends in a night filled with lots of performance poetry, cheap wine and cheese, kinetic art, and lastly an improvisational dance troupe. Much of what I saw was interesting and inventive but didn’t really catch my attention. Then a dancer came on stage by herself, and to my eyes she was surrounded with a nimbus and shifting lights. My first thought was that she was a priestess as I’d seen that type of aura before. When she danced I saw her juggle flames and bring down a rain of stars that turned and spread to a series of crashing waves whose foam spread across the stage. At the after party, I asked her about her performance and started to describe what I had seen. Her eyes grew large and she told me that the imagery I described was very close to what she had envisioned in creating the piece that she danced. She also grew really uncomfortable because she was not a magickal person and had no awareness that she was projecting or creating those forms so palpably.

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Underpinnings of Wicca: History

Underpinnings of Wicca: History

The sun shone down on the sixth annual Northern Virginia Pagan Pride Day, which took place Saturday at Occoquan Regional Park in Lorton, Virginia.  Event coordinator, David Salisbury, was very happy with this year’s event, and he spent the day fielding praises about the experience.  Salisbury stated, “I heard so many vendors and presenters comment how smooth everything flowed and how glad they were to participate.”

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So why am I worried about the future of Pagan gatherings? One of the things that worries me is the challenge that is generated by growth and increased visibility. When I first started to go to gatherings in 1982, you heard about them through friends and small circulation print newsletters. Now a quick trip to the search engine will find you dozens of listings. And although individual gatherings may have had a drop in attendance, the total number of gatherings overall has risen and if you sum up all the attendees the growth over the years is huge. What this means is that many more people are attending the gatherings that have only had a small amount of training or enculturation into Paganism. We also have more people arriving at gatherings who are unaccompanied by a friend or mentor that can help introduce them to the community.

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  • Fort Washington State Park
  • Hosted by:

    Oak and Willow – Keepers of the Holly Chalice – Weavers of the Moonfire – Chalice of Living Stars – Tenders of the Earth Temple and Grail of the Birch Moon

    The Audience with the Ancestors ritual will be offered for the first time simultaneously in three locations- Southern at Georgetown, Delaware – Northern at Fort Washington , PA and Northern New Jersey in Bergen County. This ritual has been presented at Free Spirit Gathering and annually at Seelie Court since its first writing by our Elder,

     Ivo Dominguez, Jr. Its first use was at Samhain of 1985 by Keepers of the Holly Chalice, the first coven of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. 

    About the Ritual:

    For the duration of the ritual, the land is given over to the Mighty Dead and Ancestors and each participant has opportunity to personally reconnect and gain insight from their chosen ancestor. The Gates and space of this interaction are cast and warded by priestesses of the Tradition. This very moving and powerful ritual has been part of our Tradition’s community offerings and we are excited to be hosting this event in our Tri-State area. 

    Pre-Registration is required for this event.
    RSVP to: Robin or Jon at 
    oawhighpriestess@yahoo.com or oawhpriest@gmail.com

    What to bring: Ritual garb is recommended (not required)

    Suggested Donation is $15 to assist with the cost of space rental and ritual supplies

    PLEASE NOTE: This event will be held outdoors. Please dress appropriately and check this page in the event of an unfavorable weather forecast. Also note this is a State Park and therefore we are subject to the rules and regulations regarding alcoholic or other illegal substances brought into Park property. 

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When we have the privilege to use a place again and again over the course of months and years, we have the opportunity to consecrate it and to awaken its magic.The spirits of place, the genius loci, the kami, are always present but it takes time for us to attune ourselves fully to their presence. The land spirits, the Fae, the landvaettir also need proof from us that we are worthy allies. When we enter into a place that has been made holy, that has been hallowed, we feel the power and the presence. This is reason enough to redouble our efforts to have our own places. While it is true that we are a young community in the count of years, we have ancient roots. It is time to take on the hard work and the financial responsibility required to take dreams and make them real.

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13 WTHR Indianapolis

They’re just kind of silly people to me. They worship themselves. They can pagan themselves to death at the Statehouse lawn; south side of the Statehouse lawn. They can do it someplace else. It is inappropriate here. It is embarrassing and I was outraged by it.

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