tet-asw: BLM + Election September 23, 2016 by Maggie Beaumont I want to be writing about the natural world, the harvest, or maybe the Earth’s orbit, the solar and lunar apparent motions in our sky. But instead all I can think about is American politics, and the blood that has recently been so carelessly spilled. […]

tet-asw: Upcoming Events | Samhain: Quiet Reflection with our Ancestors | Tenders of the Earth Temple We stand in the circle and each person invites a spirit to come through the gate and join us in our Samhain rite. (Photo “Magic Raven Samhain Altar 2013 – 6” by Wilhelmine [http://fork.cc/2dm3VHJ] used under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative […]

Animal Entrails and Light-Bulb Moments

Animal Entrails and Light-Bulb Moments Most of us have had a great idea pop up out of nowhere, often when we were not actively thinking about the subject at all—maybe on a walk or after a nap. Or we’ll have a hunch that turns out to be true. Peter Struck, the Evan C Thompson Professor […]