tet-asw: Panorama 2389_blended_fused_pregamma_1_fattal_alpha_1_beta_0.9_saturation_1_noiseredux_0_fftsolver_1 small on Flickr. Seelie Court Labyrinth Georgetown, DE Copyright © 2013, Bob Bruhin. All rights reserved. (prints via fork.cc/1FFhA2G ) ——— Luminance HDR 2.3.0 tonemapping parameters: Operator: Fattal Parameters: Alpha: 1 Beta: 0.9 Color Saturation: 1  Noise Reduction: 0  ——— PreGamma: 1

tet-asw: Imbolc is here! The Witch’s Wheel has turned another notch and we welcome the opportunity to turn the heat up, step into the warmth of home and hearth and connect more deeply to those growing fires that are preparing the way for the seeding of Spring’s growth at the next turn.  (via Back to […]