tet-asw: The New Alexandrian Library will be collecting materials from all spiritual traditions. Like the original Alexandrian Library in Egypt, it will be an interfaith crossroads. www.newalexandrianlibrary.org We live in a time where there is a new renaissance in the exploration of the spiritual and the magickal. A need exists for a place where knowledge […]

tet-asw: In words we find how fleeting and changeable is the boundary between the sacred and secular. When we speak of sacred texts, the exalted utterances of prophets and seers, and the invocations of priestesses and priests, we have the expectation and the hope of sacred communication and communion. I think that in part it […]

tet-asw: Program Teaser:The Three Gates Of The Moon-Ivo Dominguez, Jr.: There are many ways to reach or to connect with the powers and places variously named the Moon, the Astral Plane, and Yesod. There are three especially powerful gateways that open into these places and we will explore their locations and their particular qualities. Several […]

[Updated with more details.] tet-asw: The Hermetic Qabala The foundational 3 pillars upon which much of the Western Magickal Tradition and Modern Magick has been built. In this course, we will discuss the history and structure of the Hermetic Qabala as carried down to us from the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. You will learn the basis of […]

Offering thanks acknowledges that the plate of food in front of me is a blessing. Soil was nurtured by sun and rain. People labored to grow, harvest, and prepare the food. A chain of being brought bounty to our table. So many people have little or nothing. I give constant thanks for what I have. […]

tet-asw: Why are we not enlightened? In this case I mean why do we not experience ourselves, from the moment we are conscious, as an inalienable part of the Divine, with all Its resources and presence? Our fears and worries tell us that we are not immortal, omnipotent, omniscient, etc, etc…even when we know we are part […]

tet-asw: The focus of these articles is not the Paths of the Tree, but some explanation of their energetic state and connective function from sphere to sphere is necessary. The 22 Paths that connect the Sephiroth act as conduits/ filters and refiners of the energies of the connecting spheres. The Spheres are the pure states […]

tet-asw: In the cold of winter, many people stay inside and focus on responding to their needs in a gentle, healing way. The weather and atmosphere encourages self-reflection, and it can be very powerful to focus on healing one’s self. But sometimes, it can be lonely. (via Tales of a Shamanic Healer: How do you […]