tet-asw: Book Study: Protection and Reversal Magick by Jason Miller Public · By Tenders of the Earth Temple, ASW Wednesday, February 13, 2013 7:30pm 349 E Vernon Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19119-1949 Please join us February 13th as we discuss Chapter 2, Daily Practices. (via Book Study: Protection and Reversal Magick by Jason Miller)

tet-asw: For most, the first encounter with this fiery Goddess is one associated with her triune nature. She is Maiden, Mother and Crone holding the keys to creativity, inspiration and deep healing. She is also the Triple Flame, acting as central catalyst of the purpose intended and initiator of those who willingly cross the threshold […]

The world will be a better place if the ancient religious cultures of Europe, the Mediterranean, and Mesopotamia are restored to their glory, suitably updated by what we have learned in the last two thousand years. This column is dedicated to achieving this end. We shall call this project Pagan Restoration. Sam Webster, Beginning the Pagan […]

tet-asw: The Four Powers of the Sphinx, Magus, or Witch are often summarized as the powerto know, to will, to dare and to be silent. The first reference to these that I am aware of is in Eliphas Levi’s writings with later on Aleister Crowley added the fifth power to go (ire). This pattern, sometimes also referred to as the Witches’ […]