tet-asw: When we have the privilege to use a place again and again over the course of months and years, we have the opportunity to consecrate it and to awaken its magic.The spirits of place, the genius loci, the kami, are always present but it takes time for us to attune ourselves fully to their […]

13 WTHR Indianapolis They’re just kind of silly people to me. They worship themselves. They can pagan themselves to death at the Statehouse lawn; south side of the Statehouse lawn. They can do it someplace else. It is inappropriate here. It is embarrassing and I was outraged by it. (via Pagan Pride festival upsets Catholic […]

tet-asw: It is clear that people believe in preserving our history and setting up space for future generations to learn. One of the things that struck me during my time at the ground of the NAL was learning that some of the domes would not be complete in the lifetimes of the people are responsible […]

inothernews: SUNPRANCE   An analemma is that figure-8 curve that you get when you mark the position of the Sun at the same time each day throughout planet Earth’s year. In this case, 17 individual images taken between April 2 and September 16 follow half the analemma curve, looking east toward the rising sun and the […]

A hilarious adaptation of Aristophanes’s classic battle of the sexes. The women of Greece withhold sex from their men until they agree to stop warring! A timeless statement about men, women, war and love! Adapted by Robert Zaller, directed by Hannah Tsapatoris MacLeod, and starring Lili Bita. /////// THE THEATRE COOPERATIVE, founded in 1975, presents […]

tet-asw: Agora is the ancient greek word for the gathering-place or marketplace that was also the center of political and spiritual life in a city. Pagan businesses and the activities that they help to foster, can act as our agora. Within our community the idea of thinking globally but acting locally is very popular. I […]